With our efforts to create long-term economic performance, focusing on our guests' and customers' preferences and expectations, we contribute to our financial sustainability. We show the upmost care for developing the local economy in all the regions we serve and aim for the local right to benefit to the maximum from these economic developments. Within the scope of the quality management system we are implementing, we cooperate with and encourage all our suppliers to grow and develop.

In line with the sustainable procurement approach, we are working with our suppliers/solution partners;

  • to obtain internationally recognized environmental and sustainability labels/ certificates such as Quality Assurance Management Systems, Environmental and Occupational Health, and Safety Management Systems,
  • to comply with environmental legislations in production and supply, to have no harmful effects on the environment,
  • to use/consume resources in an way that will not be harming the natural life, the ecosystem, and to comply with hunting bans,
  • to minimize and manage its waste correctly, whether it is packing less in the product packaging, or offering bulk packaging alternatives,
  • to offer alternatives that are environmentally friendly, economical, local, attaches importance to ethical values, uses recyclable or recycled materials, organic, bio, vegan, untested on animals, and does not contain harmful chemical components,
  • to become a domestic and local production/service provider,
  • to have products/services that reflects/promotes the cuisine, traditions, and culture of our country /region.

We strive to create efficient purchasing opportunities with our suppliers and aim to reduce the environmental impacts of procurement processes.


By using our natural resources with upmost efficiency, our main goals are to prevent environmental pollution and protect nature, protect the amount of our waste, ensure recycling. To fulfill our environmental obligations, we are committed to sustainable resource use, climate change mitigation, biodiversity, and ecosystem protection. In this direction;

  • When planning our investments, we consider the risks of our buildings and infrastructure systems to protect sensitive areas, historical heritage, and the integrity of the natural and cultural environment. We prefer sustainable applications and materials suitable for the local/region in our works related to land use, construction, maintenance and repair operations, design, landscaping,
  • We contribute to preserving and developing local/regional properties, areas, and traditions of historical, archaeological, cultural, and spiritual importance.
  • We continue our work in line with joint studies and educational processes with local population on a sustainable understanding of protecting our cultural heritage, passing it on to the future generations, and introducing it to our guests hosted in the tourism group.
  • From the point of view of zero waste, we pay attention to the on-site separation of waste,
  • We keep energy efficiency at the highest level in all our activities,
  • We contribute to protecting nature by choosing those labeled "recycling" and "environmentally friendly" in the materials we procure. We are trying to create reuse opportunities,
  • We take care to leave less waste to nature by using disposable materials such as paper, napkins, toilet paper, packaging as little as possible,
  • We use water, energy, and all-natural resources sparingly. We share this sensitivity with all our stakeholders,
  • We measure our performance in environmental management, monitor this data with goals and try to improve our performance,
  • We aim to educate our employees about the environment and increase their sensitivity.



As MK Group, we know that the environment, communities, and cultures in which we operate with are vital for the success of our business. We respects human rights, language, religion, race, gender, and firmly reject all forms of discrimination. We are opposed to any abuse or harassment, commercial, sexual, or otherwise, directed against specially protected groups and other vulnerable groups. We support the measures to be taken against domestic violence and child abuse. In this direction;

  • We fulfill our social and environmental responsibilities towards our society in harmonious cooperation with our employees, the public, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders,
  • To create awareness and sensitivity about child abuse, violence against women, and the principle of equality (regardless of religion, language, race, or gender) in the subsidiaries of our company, we provide training to all our employees by receiving support from the educational institution within our company for this purpose,
  • While designing our buildings and our concept, we consider the needs of our guests and employees with special needs and adopt an accessible service approach for everyone,
  • We support local/regional development and employment,
  • We offer equal opportunities to all our employees by conducting performance analysis, including management positions, without distinction in the employment process, progress, and remuneration.