İnkaş İnşaat

Our valuable brand İnkaş İnşaat, which is part of MK Group, is putting its signature under pioneering, high-quality and creative structures with the large-scale engineering wonder projects it has realized.

We follow modern construction techniques in all our investment projects, use high-quality and safe materials, work with our principle of selfless workmanship; we implement our projects on time and in a complete manner. 

Miko Coffee

We carry our investment and development within the MK Group to worldwide standards with our Miko Coffee Food Company, where we provide production, distribution, supply, and machine park throughout our nation and are a distributor in Turkey.

Maya Okulları

In the education industry, where we have taken steps to raise a future modern generation, we look at education through the eyes of children with Maya Okulları. To gather appreciation with our modern and innovative education model that is “suitable for its own yeast” for every child.

Mekvin Hotels

We continue the development of our brand by adopting the principle of achieving high guest satisfaction and providing personalized, high-level service with our hotels serving in the bowl of the Mediterranean.