We adhere to our principles of following the modern technologies we had adopted since 1994, when we stepped into the construction industry, using high-quality and safe materials depending on occupational health and safety procedures. We have established a respected position in the industry with the outstanding engineering projects we have committed to and carried out.

We started our journey with our first project, the industrial production areas consisting of a total of 185 units with an area of 225,000 m2 in Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone, and continued with the Ramada Plaza Hotel Antalya, which we constructed in the City Center in 2012, by winning the right to be an award winning project. We successfully completed the building of the Ramada Resort Lara, which is located in Antalya's Kundu Region and has a large capacity for guest hospitality, and the Wyndham Garden Lara Hotel, which is providing luxurious accommodation choices. By building Maya Okulları, a facility with 54 classrooms, we have attempted to enhance the support provided to education in an effort to engage in the next generation.

Within the constraints of our respect and reputation, we will continue to move forward with strong and durable, modern buildings and upper projects.

Ramada Plaza Antalya

Address: Muratpaşa/ Antalya

Project Status: Construction was completed in 2010.

Capacity: 318 Room / 40.000 m²

Ramada Resort Lara

Address: Kundu/ Antalya

Project Status : Construction was completed in 2013.

Capacity: 395 Room/ 25.000 m²

Wyndham Garden Lara

Address: Kundu/ Antalya

Project Status: Construction was completed in 2013.

Capacity: 348 Room/ 22.000 m²

Antalya Göksu Konutları

Address: Kepez/ Antalya

Project Status: Construction was completed in 2016.

Capacity: 3 Block / 58 Apartment and Aquapark

MK Group Central Office

Address: Aksu/ Antalya

Project Status: Construction was completed in 2018.

Capacity: 2180 m²

Maya Okulları

Address: Muratpaşa/ Antalya

PRoject Satus: Construction was completed in 2020.

Kapasite: 56 Clasrooms / Indoor Pool / 500 m² Sports Hall / Conference Room for 332 People

Viva Loft

Address: Kepez/ Antalya

Project Status: Under Construction

Capacity: 29 Apartment / 6 Commercial Store / 3650 m²

Radisson Blu Hotel, Kaş

Address: Kaş/ Antalya

Project Status : Under Construction

Capacity: 50 Room (1 Main Building + 4 Villas)

Mekvin Suites & Villas

Address: Kaş/ Antalya

Project Status: Under Construction

Capacity: 72 Room


Address: Aksu/ Antalya

Project Status: Under Construction

Capacity: 3 Residence Block + Hotel Block / 152 Apartments / 158 Hotel Rooms / 101 Residences

Konyaltı Project

Address: Konyaaltı/ Antalya

Project Status: Project In Design Stage

Capacity: 2 Block / 32 Apartment/ 6 Commercial Store / Pool and Aquapark