Our main goal is to continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our management systems, to provide a high standart customer satisfaction with responsible, honest, moral understanding and professional management, to protect and raise the brand value of our company operating in the food, education, construction, and accommodation sector at all times, to provide services that will meet customer expectations by following the developments in the industry and to work efficiently without compromising quality.

To achieve this goal we commit to;

  • that we will continuously improve our quality management systems by fulfilling all applicable legal obligations for our national and international services,
  • that we will not compromise food safety and hygiene rules at any stage, from the supply of raw materials to the presentation of our products and services to our guests and customers,
  • that we will increase our product and service quality by listening to the feedback of our guests and customers, employees, business partners,
  • that in all our activities for our employees, we will identify and manage the possible hazards that may lead to occupational accidents and occupational diseases; we will provide safe and healthy environments for our employees, customers, and suppliers; we will organize awareness-raising training and information activities for all segments of the work in this context, we will always ensure the development and supervision of the occupational health and safety system,
  • that we will use energy and natural resources efficiently, and we will carry out preventive studies at the source of environmental pollution by taking our wastes under control.


By working on our value creation model; we are developing dynamically and sustainably in the construction, education, food, tourism, and real estate sectors. MK Group will continue to be an entrepreneurial investment company with a principled and visionary point of view that is consistent with the country's values and contributes to development.


MK Group, whose indispensable priority is to move forward in line with the principles of continuity, quality, reliability, and social responsibility, will continue to exist as a brand in the national and international markets by continuing its development in terms of innovative and modern technologies.