Shelter has continued to be among the most basic needs in the time period from the first ages when human beings continued their existence to today's technology age.

The human population, which continues to increase continuously, has brought along urbanization and construction, increasing the demand for qualified and well-designed housing.

In the developing and changing modern world order, we continue to offer the most reliable and quality residences to your service with the projects we have implemented in this rapidly growing sector.

Antalya Göksu Konutları

Address: Kepez/ Antalya

Project Status: Construction was completed in 2016.

Capacity: 3 Block / 58 Apartment and Aquapark

Viva Loft

Address: Kepez/ Antalya

Project Status: Under Construction

Capacity: 29 Apartment / 6 Commercial Store / 3650 m²


Address: Aksu/ Antalya

Project Status: Under Construction

Capacity: 3 Residence Block + Hotel Block / 152 Apartment / 158 Hotel Room/ 101 Residence

Konyaaltı Project

Address: Konyaaltı/ Antalya

Project Status: Project In Design Stage

Capacity: 2 Block / 32 Apartment/ 8 Commercial Store / Pool and Aquapark